Are the French willing to spend more on electric scooters made in France?

Entrepreneurship – Are the French ready to spend more on electric scooters made in France?

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Let’s be clear, made in France does not always mean that the product is 100% French, but that the last touch of the product is French… which sometimes gives free rein to products of questionable French origin. This is not the case with the scooter of the young northern company (headquarters in Saint André lez Lille), which went out of the scope of Made in France, to become “Origin France guaranteed”, a much more complicated label to acquire.

In numbers, 82% of the elements of the scooter are 100% French, the remaining 18% come from Asia, mainly due to the lack of an industrial process in France, at the moment.

The CEO, Fabrice Furlan, is the former head of the Scooters project at Decathlon, and he wants his product to become a reference among resellers. It must be said that there are no legions of scooter brands made in France, we think of Lab her or even Zosh and that’s it, the other brands have given up.

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Production target: 60 scooters/day

The Hauts-de-France company is now moving into mass production. The models are assembled at partner WTX in Roubaix.

Currently, 30 Allure scooters roll off the production lines every day, for a target of 7,500 products during the year, with the ambition to quickly double this figure, increasing to 60 scooters per day.

Between 1299 and 1649 euros

The Plume Allure model is the top of the range, its price will be between 1,299 and 1,649 euros, more expensive than Asian models, but not quite comparable in terms of build quality…

The first assembled scooters will arrive at their owners’ homes within two weeks. The distribution network includes major brands, led by Décathlon, and specialized resellers. Let’s not forget that the scooter market in France is the largest in Europe…

Angelina Hubner

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