Algeria authorizes Huawei to build a new data center

The Algerian government recently gave the green light to Chinese technology company Huawei to build a new data center. This decision is part of Algeria’s ambitions in terms of digital transformation and development of digital infrastructure. In 2021, the country had three colocation data centers, and last February Algérie Télécom added a new facility in Constantine.

This data center construction project is an integral part of the government’s major digitization initiative, aimed at removing red tape that hampers projects, promoting transparency in public administration and accurately identifying the country’s needs in all areas. The overall goal is to develop an “information society” by investing in infrastructure, means of telecommunications and the use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

The move comes at a time when Algeria, like many African countries, faces a shortage of data center capacity, while local businesses and institutions show growing demand for digital services and broadband connectivity. In October 2017, the government announced plans to build a world-class data center, with the aim of strengthening the country’s digital infrastructure and meeting growing needs for data and digital services.

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