Address Hotels: Nicolas Saltiel’s big dream

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His father, Hubert Saltiel, became famous in the world of insurance and finance by founding AssurOne, a car insurance specialist, in 2005, and Patrim One in 2006 within the family holding company HN6 Active.

He previously developed his father’s insurance company “Saltiel Assurances”, which later merged with Zurich International, of which he was the managing director for many years. He was never short of ideas, he also created Top Chrono, sold to Chronopost, then e-Lik, both positioned for delivery from the end of the 90s. From 2012, he set the pace by directing the holding family into the luxury hotel sector through an initial investment in Moma Group.

His son Nicolas was at the beginning of the development of the boutique hotel under the brand “Monsieur”. He was then involved in successful negotiations with Simone Duckstein, keen on her own Hôtel de la Ponche in Saint-Tropez, who eventually chose Addresses Hôtels. Partner Georges Saier from the Very group is involved in this affair. This ex-banker from London returned to France in 2009 to invest in the hotel and hospitality industry (including business) and startups.

HN6 Active in full swing

Being part of Hubert Saltiel’s legacy is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Nicolas Saltiel could have been a handsome and lucky heir, there are several of them. But he does not have such a profile, on the contrary, he cultivates discretion and work, following the example of his father, with whom he trained. Today, he presides over a family holding which, apart from hotel and catering business (approximately half of its activities), is a player in the residential real estate market, especially through SEKOIA Promotion in order to “invent the ‘housing of tomorrow’.”

On the commercial real estate side, Nicolas Saltiel co-founded Unima with Hugo Aboudaram, a real estate valuation company. The 30-year-old started his career at SDW, at events, before being appointed to various positions within the Moma Group, especially in the hospitality industry. Then he worked directly with his father in a family structure that employs 200 people. He greatly contributed to the turn of the family holding towards hotels and catering, his favorite sector. It was he who founded the Addresses Hôtels collection in 2016.

Sir, house sign

Nicolas Saltiel, a graduate of EBS, was involved from the beginning in the creation of the new boutique hotel brand, “Monsieur…”, followed by a street reference. United in the “Addresses Hôtels” collection, these properties have a different style that is carefully studied by the manager and a team of selected decorators and designers.

Geographically, Paris was initially favored. However, the group is now moving to new destinations, such as the Côte d’Azur, where the 2021 reopening of the Hôtel de la Ponche has caused buzz after eight months of renovations. Since last year, alone at the helm, although the family remains present in the group, Nicolas Saltiel has continued with the Beach Hotel.

The new 5-star, 35-room Cap d’Antibes is brand new after six months of operation, in a half-Roaring Twenties, half-California spirit for the hotel, restaurant, bar and private beach.

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Grandma from Antibes

Regular visitors to Cap d’Antibes appreciate the gastronomy and already have several very nice addresses. Hotel Beach offers “Baba” (Nicolas Saltiel’s nickname for his father) opened by chef Assaf Granit. He has restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine in Tel Aviv and Berlin, including France, where the latter is his fourth.

The catering division includes the Galanga, Les Pêcheurs, La Ponche, Café Aristide, Hanabi and Zapi brands. Completely diverse concepts that, like hotels, integrate into their own universe, imagined from the place where they are placed.

Projects in sight

At 37 years old, Nicolas Saltiel rarely appears in the media, but he made it clear that the Côte d’Azur remains a privileged playground for the group, why not in Nice. The mountains could also be an opportunity, the real estate part of HN6 Active is already working in those areas. For now, a new addition to Adresses Hôtels has just opened, Hotel Hana, a new 5-star boutique hotel near the very lively Opera district.

This Japanese cocoon, both in terms of decor and hospitality, completes an already very eclectic offer in which each place has its own individuality. Recently, a rumor about the Palladium Bus has spread. Indeed, Addresses Hôtels has just bought a legendary nightclub that has been entertaining Parisians since 1965 in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

His project is to turn it into an exceptional hotel-restaurant that should see the light of day in 2025. In the meantime, you can always return to Monsieur George, 17 Rue Washington in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, a real family home, which is not lacking in character.

Claudio Flouvat

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