The tourist potential of Vietnam attracts French tour operators

From north to south, tropical Vietnam with its Red River and Mekong deltas, its magnificent landscapes, its mosaic of 54 ethnic groups and its biological richness has continued to seduce many French tour operators. The latter gathered at a tourism seminar on Thursday, November 16 in Paris, France.

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During the tourist seminar organized in the Vietnamese Cultural Center in France, 16.11.
Photo: VNA/CVN

Vietnamese Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hùng started this event at the Vietnam Cultural Center in France, emphasizing the need to promote activities to promote Vietnamese tourism in the French market.

This seminar aims to invite partners, travel agencies and French friends who are used to Vietnam tourism to present to French tourists the Vietnamese country and people, potentials and riches, tourism products and novelties, as well as the support policies of the Vietnamese state to revive the sector, he told Vietnam news agency (VNA).

Vietnam receives about 300,000 French tourists per year, which is a very modest figure considering the expectations arising from tourism cooperation activities, signed tourism cooperation documents, direct flights connecting their major cities operated by Vietnam Airlines and Air France, visa exemptions for French tourists decided in 2015 and, more recently, the extension of their stay in Vietnam to 45 days from August 15, 2023.

Vietnam alone can boast of destinations and tourism products that prestigious sites such as World Travel Awards, TripAdvisor, Telegraph, and even CNN and BBC media rank among the best in the world. In particular, Vietnam has eight cultural and natural heritages and 15 intangible cultural heritages, nine documentary heritages and three UNESCO global geoparks, reminded the director of the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam Nguyên Trùng Khanh.

There is no doubt that the tourist attractions of Vietnam do not leave anyone indifferent. Many travel agencies, such as Asia Voyage, expressed their desire to increase the number of French arrivals in Vietnam and gave recommendations to develop Vietnamese tourism more strongly not only on the French but also on the world market.

We want to further introduce the Vietnamese market by inviting journalists, professional tour operators and travel partners to explore new itineraries so they can learn more about the very rich and diverse identities of the Vietnamese people, new destinations and products that stand out from others in Indochina, shared Asia Voyage General Manager Guillaume Linton.

Signing of a cooperation protocol between the Vietnamese Cultural Center in France and the Vietnamese Association for the Promotion of Cultural Tourism in France and Europe.
Photo: VNA/CVN

As part of the seminar, Minister Nguyên Van Hùng and Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toàn Thang and representatives of the Vietnam National Tourism Administration attended the handing over of the cooperation protocol between the Vietravel subsidiary in France and Vietnam Airlines, and the cooperation protocol between the Vietnam Cultural Center in France and the Vietnam Association for promoting cultural tourism in France and Europe.

“Colors of Vietnamese culture” in France

On the occasion of the 50e anniversary of diplomatic relations (1973-2023), 10 years of strategic partnership between Vietnam and France (2013-2023), the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism organized the exhibition: “Colors of Vietnamese Culture” in France on the theme “Images of silks and traditional craft products from Vietnam”

The exhibition presents 40 paintings by contemporary Vietnamese artists, nearly 100 photos of Vietnam’s cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO and traditional handicrafts from Vietnam to present Vietnamese culture, life and people through the beauty of art and silk paintings and traditional handicrafts

Silk painting is a unique painting genre specific to Vietnam. The difference is in the name, which is not based on the paint materials, but takes the name of the background material of the paint as a basis. Along with lacquer painting, Vietnamese silk painting is also known for its position as an art that represents a successful mixing and acculturation between Eastern and Western artistic values.

In the cultural and social context of Vietnam in the late 1920s and early 1930s, silk paintings appeared and took shape as an inevitable result of the meeting of French and Vietnamese fine arts. With the distillation of Western European artistic achievements through French professors, the students of the Indochina College of Fine Arts built a unique feature of our national painting with paintings on silk, and then expanded it to conquer the world and entertain audiences from all over.

The collection is a fairly comprehensive demonstration of the fresh, new changes that have taken place in silk painting over the last ten years. It is the diversity and richness of aesthetic approaches and concepts of silk paintings, many of which highlight the much wider scope of creating silk paintings through themes and the use of new materials, new ways of expression without losing clarity, romanticism and lyricism. beauty.

The organizing committee hopes that this exhibition will contribute to the further strengthening of friendship and cultural and artistic cooperation between the two countries, and will be an opportunity for the French, the Vietnamese community in France and Vietnam lovers to get to know Vietnam better. and people.


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