Lex Delles: “Administrative simplification is my priority”

The new minister of the economy, but also of energy, Lex DellsLex Dells (DP) officially took over from Claude Turmes (déi Gréng) on ​​Friday, November 17 at 2 p.m. Hot interview.

What is the message of the new Minister of Energy?

Lex Dells. – “I would like to thank Mr. Turmes for his involvement. In recent years, it has really changed Luxembourg’s energy policy. It went through energy crises, especially with the war in Ukraine. Mr. Turmes had a very strong commitment to the country.

What are your priorities?

“Different measures will be taken. Regarding authorization and assistance requests, administrative simplification is my priority. The new government is firmly committed to renewable energy sources, whether solar or wind. For private individuals, on the one hand, there are needs in construction: we need to enable people to install more photovoltaics. Another question concerns electric charging stations, but also networks, a very important element.

Are we moving towards greater support for the energy transition of companies and households?

“What is most important is administrative simplification. In order to have more photovoltaic panels throughout Luxembourg, the principle of third-party payment for state support must be introduced. Currently, if you buy a solar panel, you have to finance it completely up front. Then you make a request and the state gives you money. This must change: the state must quickly pre-finance support for the economy, it must not last for months.

What is the time horizon for this administrative simplification?

“As soon as possible. I need to look at the file from different angles. We are also talking about digitalization: through wicket.lu we can find solutions to speed up help.”

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