Franchising: meat restaurants are on the rise

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Laurent Delafontaine, founder of Ax Réseaux: “Here is a sector that is developing with a bang, the liquidation of Courte-Paille, the difficulties of Buffalo Grill, the (lucky) remodeling of Hippo… the appearance of new formats like La Brigade, Melt or American Steak House, Moo !, we are not bored! The fact remains that consumers are crazy about this meat-themed restaurant, which remains a “difficult” franchise in the sit-down restaurant landscape. I believe in this and I remain convinced that these franchises will return to their old glory once the transition to the format of “non-catering work” is established and it becomes part of the habits of restaurateurs.”

At the time when the “healthy” restaurant offer is booming, many consumers do not deny their love for meat, especially beef. They are looking for brands that can provide them with an unforgettable experience. A look back at a traditional sector that is currently being reinvented in the light of numerous young concepts, with the expertise of Laurent Delafontaine (www.axeré

THE walk

Unlike fast food, grill & steakhouse brands give priority to quality meat (trauma of past food scandals and customer experience that is originally American in origin, but quality and successful in our country of gastronomy. If the brands rely mainly on beef, they have succeeded in diversifying their recipes in order to differentiate themselves. And although the market owes a lot to the main companies that have been established for a long time in France, they are challenged by young concepts whose creation intensified after 2012, and which have yet to find their place.

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Key persons

  • 92% of imports come from the EU
  • Beef is the most consumed meat in France (1470 tec) after pork and chicken.
  • In France, 50 kg of beef is eaten every second or 55 grams per French person every day
  • -12% of beef consumption per capita over 10 years, or 22.1 Kgec per French
  • Butcher’s share of meat consumption of 66% in 2021 compared to all types of meat, compared to 71% ten years earlier.


Profiles wanted

• No degree required
• Follow the training offered by your brand
• You have already managed a profit center, ideally in the hospitality industry
• Have strong managerial skills (teams of about 15 people)
• Support a schedule that is often “broken” by services that may finish late
• Have a taste for customer relations and a good knowledge of your economic environment
• Be rigorous in the application of numerous standards (hygiene and safety, traceability of animal products, ERP, customer information, liquor store license, etc.)
• Have a significant financial contribution.
Tec = tons of hull equivalent | Kgec = kg carcass equivalent

Key success factors

• Proximity with customers and employees
• Be passionate about meat and “love to please” customer service
• Know how to convince them of their origin and quality
• The ability to offer innovation to stand out from its competitors (fast food and classic restaurants)
• Focus on a well-established or fast-growing brand
• Know how to integrate customer feedback for improvement
• Be impeccable in terms of hygiene and product traceability, because a scandal can be fatal for the entire brand
• Know how to manage your stock and prevent the risk of shortages of key products
• Being able to withstand stress, especially during periods of peak load and “burst” moments.

About Ax Réseaux
Since 2011, the company supports distribution networks and young concepts that develop as franchises. More than 300 clients of all sizes and from all sectors of activity make Ax Réseaux the current benchmark for franchise consulting.

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