Decazeville. The voice given to children during the consultation

the important thing
Decazeville participates in the national campaign of Unicef, with the aim of raising the feelings of young people.

Since 2021, Decazeville has become a “child-friendly city”, an agreement signed with Unicef ​​valid until 2026. It is the only city of its kind in Aveyron, a region of Occitanie that has only 20.

Unicef ​​regularly organizes national consultations for children aged 6 to 18 to measure the application of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child in everyday life: in the family, school, city… It enables children and adolescents to express themselves about their place in society, to they share their feelings, their ideas. Since 2013, more than 100,000 children and young people have already given their opinion on exercising their rights in France. Decazeville also participates in the current campaign, until March 15, 2024. 100 questions with different topics, also depending on age, are asked to 1,600 students studying in the city (primary, middle and high school). Answers are anonymous, with parental consent.

“In return, we will have a photograph of the sociology of young people and families. This work, which gives children a voice, will serve as the basis for our city’s youth policy and could influence our future decisions,” explains Romain Smaha, deputy mayor in charge of youth.

Operation Frimousse

At the same time, kindergarten children from a large part of the François Fabié, Jean Moulin and Sailhenc schools are involved in the Frimousse project. In addition to raising awareness about the issue of water, in cooperation with Unicef, and for the Jean Moulin health project, small schoolchildren make dolls with residents of the Bellevue home. “These dolls will be on sale at the Christmas market. The proceeds will be used to finance vaccines for the children of Senegal. A snack will also be held in Bellevue, with the support of the host of the home. The students of François Fabié, after limited logistics, will have a snack on site in town hall offer,” reports Sylvie Tarbouriech, school affairs assistant.

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