DataScientest, a major player facing a tech talent shortage

DataScientest, a major player facing a tech talent shortage

Ranging from data careers to more specific technical training, find out what DataScientest users think about our data and technology-focused training center.

The technology industry is booming. However, the labor market in the technology sectors faces a glaring shortage of skilled talent. Attractive salaries and opportunities for advancement in large companies make the field of technology a preferred sector for many who aspire to a successful career. Furthermore, with the rise of the artificial intelligence revolution, the need to train a large audience in this sector is more tangible than ever.

Problem: It can be difficult to find the right training center to start working in technical occupations, which are often unknown to the general public. Today we present to you DataScientest, a training center with a training team at your disposal, a recognized degree and a 100% ready-to-code environment that requires only a simple internet connection and nothing more. .
The center offers training for Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst and Data Management. Each of these courses is structured to provide students with both theoretical and practical skills, taking into account time constraints: whether you are available part-time or full-time, DataScientest has anticipated your needs.

DataScientest also offers short training courses focused on key tools such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Power BI. And for those who want to diversify or further specialize, the platform has just announced the launch of new And for those who want to diversify or further specialize, the platform has just announced the launch of new training courses covering other essential aspects of technology, particularly cyber security at Cyberuniversity, Dev (more precisely DevOps) & Network Management (Systems and Network Administrator) at DevUniversity, then Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence at Datascientest.

To see all the training offered, go to the DataScientest website.

DataScientest Review: What Alumni Think?

In a few key figures, DataScientest is:

  • 6 years of existence (founded in 2017)
  • More than 10,000 former students
  • Employability rate 85%.
  • 4.9/5 satisfaction rating after more than 800 reviews collected on several platforms
  • More than 500 partner companies such as BackMarket, Bouygues Telecom, BNP Paribas, EDF, etc.

But who better to talk about the brand and its training than alumni? On Google, DataScientest has an excellent average of 4.9/5 with more than 340 reviews.

Very satisfied with her Data Analyst course, Viviane B. recommends the training to “any aspiring data professional, even a beginner, because of the variety of modules, which range from general content, with basic reminders (allowing beginners to upgrade) to much more technical or even very specific content , depending on your level, your abilities, and your speed of acquisition. However, she cautions, “the pace can be quite intense and steady if you’re a beginner and/or on a fast, as there are a lot of concepts to master.”

For her part, Janna, who trained as a data engineer, congratulates the supervisory team at DataScientest and the follow-up after the training: “I was able to use the follow-up from the career center to update my CV and LinkedIn profile, the group leaders and the teaching team were always attentive . Even if we had to work independently because the training was online, we were always supported through the question forum or through the Slack platform.”

In July 2023, we also find Yannick, who after the DataScientest training wanted to express without much satisfaction. “It was an extremely enriching experience and I gained valuable knowledge and skills in the field of data.” He specifies: “Your presentations were well structured, easy to understand, and I appreciated the way you illustrated theoretical concepts with concrete examples. This allowed me to better absorb the concepts covered and apply them in real scenarios.”

“Mastery of subjects covered”, “very good quality training”, “up-to-date and relevant selection of technologies taught”, “solid knowledge for the professional world” etc. It’s not hard to find great reviews of DataScientest courses and if DataScientest is so unanimously praised, it’s not coincidence.

Expansion and innovation at DataScientest

In addition to its training, DataScientest puts at your service its experience in the sector, especially with large CAC40 companies. Proof of its importance in the sector is that the brand was recently bought by the OMNES group and intends to continue its international development, especially in Germany and Spain.

In terms of accreditation and recognition, DataScientest also stands out for its prestigious academic partnerships. Diplomas co-certified in collaboration with renowned institutions such as Mines Paris PSL and La Sorbonne add real value to the training. In addition to the academic aspect, DataScientest is also industry-oriented with significant publisher partnerships. Offering preparation for specific certifications, especially in the Cloud area, DataScientest partners with giants such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP.

At a time when the technology world is in turmoil, the importance of strong players like DataScientest cannot be underestimated. The reviews on DataScientest confirm this: it is the partner of choice for all those who want to train, improve their skills or find a path to technology careers.

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